Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Predella Project ?

Gada Jane founded the Predella Project in 2011 as a six person writing group exploring innovative approaches to developing skill in writing. Since then, the project as evolved into The Predella Studio, a private creative studio based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where Gada works on her own creative projects and develops works by others from early stages on. The Predella Studio is a loose collection of artists who often work together. It is structured around supporting personal creative practice.

The Predella Studio in Kitchener, Canada.

This website is the home of the Predella Studio online. It is a place to share ideas about art, writing, intuition, people and culture and create a cummunity that brings together careful, conscientious thought with intuitive practice and spirituality.

Q: How does intuition fit in?

A: Over the years, Predella has become less strictly about writing and more generally about practices for living well.

Between founding The Predella Project and evolving it into the Predella Studio, Gada began to develop her abilties as an intuitive and work professionally doing readings and teaching others to work with their own intuitive gifts. Predella was always based on a semi-mystical approach to writing and creating art. Intuitive Practice formalizes that approach and expands it to practices for living a more fulfilled life beyond creative practice.  

Q: Why is it called Predella?

A Predella is the base of an altarpiece. The word refers to the the part of the altar itself as well as the decorated panels often found there. A predella is both a support structure and a piece of art.

Altarpiece by Carlo Crivelli, 1468. The predella has four scenes from the Passion of Christ.
Altarpiece by Carlo Crivelli, 1468. The predella has four scenes from the Passion of Christ.

Q: What is Intuitive Practice?

A: Intuitive Practice is a mindfulness-based approach to developing intuition. It's a collection of techniques and exercises to relax and allow intuitive insight to reveal itself on its own terms. Learn more.

Q: What do I get if I subscribe to The Predella Project?

A: You get access to intuition training tips, writing and videos about intuition, intuitive insights about people, and thoughts about society, culture, and more.