Sample Intuitive Practice Lesson

This is a sample lesson from Introduction to Intuitive Practice, a self-guided online course that teaches a mindfulness-based approached to developing your intuitive gifts.

Sample Intuitive Practice Lesson

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Lesson 1: Relax

The first step in Intuitive Practice is to Relax.  Relaxation puts us in a receptive state where we are able to connect to our intuition. We relax so that we can be open to what comes.

You probably already know how you feel about relaxing. For some people it’s easy, while for others it’s more of a challenge. When you do allow yourself to relax, you probably have your own favourite ways. Maybe you like to meditate or watch TV, drink a cup of tea or take a bath.

When we talk about relaxing in the context of intuitive practice, we mean something very specific. It’s not about chilling on the couch and turning off your brain. It’s more about letting go of trying to control our mind and circumstances and entering a state of open receptivity.

Intuition works best when we simply allow what comes to us to come without trying or straining. When we relax as an intuitive practice, we don't “shut off the brain” or “numb ourselves.” Instead we simply stop “trying” and “doing” and just allow.

Today we will try some simple techniques for relaxation.


1. Complete the Relaxation Meditation (11 min).

Lesson 1 Relax


NOTE: Throughout this course, I will give journal prompts and make suggestions about what to record in the “QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION” section of each lesson. How much you write is up to you. If you find journaling helpful you may want to make time to reflect in-depth on a daily or weekly basis. If you only have time to jot down point-form answers and notes on your progress and experiences, that’s fine too. This course is all about feeling out what feels right to you.

Answer the following questions in your Intuition Journal.

  1. How do you feel about relaxing?
  2. What do you like to do to relax?
  3. How did you feel during the Relaxation Meditation?
  4. How did you feel after the Relaxation Meditation?

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