Course Schedule + Information

Course Schedule + Information

This course is seven weeks long and will take you deep into the work of developing your intuition.

Course Schedule

Active Practice
Active Practice
Rest & Integration
Active Practice
Active Practice
Rest & Integration
Active Practice
Rest, meditate, repeat exercises &  discuss at your own pace.
Building Blocks
Rest, meditate, repeat exercises &  discuss at your own pace.
Going Further

Active Practice

This course contains five Active Practice weeks. During Active Practice weeks, you will complete a lesson everyday from Monday to Friday.

Lesson Format

Every week opens with a welcome video to introduce the focus for the week.

Your daily lessons are shared in both text and audio format so you can absorb the material in the way that works best for you. Each lesson includes concept introduction, guided meditations,  intuitive exercises, and questions for reflection.

Rest & Integration

Intuitive Practice can be very demanding. You are both learning new skills and doing deep inner work. For this reason, there are two Rest & Integration weeks built into the course.

You are encouraged to use these weeks however feels best to you. You can revisit lessons and exercises from past weeks, take time away from the work to rest, or simply practice gentle meditation and self-care. These weeks are also a good time to catch up on any lessons you missed.

During these, weeks we still have the group calls and continue to connect and discuss progress in the course community.

Group Calls

We will have a weekly group call on Zoom to practice together, talk about experiences, and answer questions.

You do not need to be caught up with the course work to attend the weekly calls. All you need to do is show up and participate.

Join via this link:

Or view replays here: Add links to private videos.

Course Community

The best place to ask questions and discuss your experiences with the course is in the Course community on Facebook.

If you have not received an invite to join the community, let us know at

If you haven't already done so, please take a few moments to introduce yourself by answering these questions:

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What are you hoping to get from working with Intuitive Practice?

View the community here: LINK HERE